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Reusable Straws

Metal straws are dangerous, paper straws – too flimsy. We wanted to manufacture the very best reusable straw on the market.  Follow along with us on that journey.

You’ve probably seen on the news lately that straws, among other disposable plastic items, are being banned across the U.S.

Several pollution research groups compiled their findings into one analysis publication titled:  Better Alternatives Now (otherwise known as BAN 2.0), and they found that 500 million plastic straws and stirrers are used every day. The problem being, those straws and stirrers end up in the environment.

As the movement continues to grow, and these plastic items are becoming outlawed, we want to know: What is a safe, logical, and economical alternative?

All answers point to: SILICONE STRAWS!

ARCO® Silicone isn’t just joining the bandwagon of “Green Living.” In fact, in the 95 years that we have been manufacturing, this has been a major focus of our energy. From rubber bands that are reusable and cut down on the need for excessive packaging, to silicone products to replace single-use plastic items that are damaging to our environment – ARCO® Silicone has been consistently innovating products that promote sustainability for a very long time.

“If every person in the world reduced their garbage by as little as 10%, the results could save 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per person annually.”

The company’s president, Bonnie Swayze, has made this the focus of our attention for some time. She made a very specific call-out to this concept on our parent company’s website several years ago by saying,  “If every person in the world reduced their garbage by as little as 10%, the results could save 100 pounds of carbon dioxide per person annually.” 

It was for this reason that she brought the concept of manufacturing silicone straws to an engineer several months ago. After a lot of research, and several prototypes later, we are proud to say that we have added silicone straws to our lineup of silicone extruded products! 

We also want to make our silicone straws stand out from the crowd, so we decided to offer something different than we have seen on the market thus far: translucent silicone straws.

The moms and wives on our panel of silicone straw researchers instantly saw a need for this. “All I can think about is how this straw is going to be thrown into the bottom of my purse collecting ‘gunk’ or how impossible it will be to know if this straw is clean on the inside.” We considered several options to combat this issue, such as specific packaging or tools to clean the inside of the tube, but nothing put our minds at ease until we were able to see through the straw. Seems rather simple, doesn’t it? 

These translucent straws are catching on, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Do you need a continuous, uncut reel of silicone straw tubing? Or, would you like them all cut to size? We can do both!

Whether you are looking for a new product to offer under your brand name or a new and exciting promotional item for an upcoming tradeshow, custom extruded silicone straws just might be the answer! If you want to learn more about this eco-conscious and increasingly popular silicone product, use the green button on our menu bar to request a quote today.