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ARCO® Silicone Press Releases

At ARCO®, we leverage our heritage in rubber manufacturing, defined by industry-leading innovation, to provide comprehensive silicone rubber products and services.

ARCO® Silicone, a division of Alliance Rubber Company, is a leading provider of elastomer products, including natural latex rubber, and now, silicone rubber.

Silicone is the “go-to” elastomer for engineered products which are intended for use in an ever-growing range of applications. Our in-house team of design engineers has had the opportunity to work closely with clients to identify problems, prototype and test 3D components, and create solutions for full production.

Our dedicated team specializes in 3D prototyping and short-run services for client testing. With over 95 years experience in the manufacturing industry gleaned from hundreds of projects, there is a solid bank of knowledge to draw from. To learn more about our milestones and newsworthy announcements read the press releases below.


ARCO® Silicone Announces Custom Silicone Production to its Capabilities

ARCO® Silicone, with 95 years experience in custom extrusions, has added custom silicone profile extrusion to its production capabilities.

ARCO® develops product content and physical design profiles to meet customers’ specified needs in custom silicone bands, cording, and tubing (open or closed cell foam tubing or solid tubing) including the durometer, color, dimensions and performance characteristics required by the customer.

ARCO® has produced custom profiles that offer wide environmental temperature ranges, UV, Ozone, Chemical and Oil resistance, fire-retardant features as well as the ability to meet specifications set for direct food contact packaging.  Another aspect of ARCO’s silicone extrusion is the company’s printing capability. The company can imprint product information, logos or graphics on one or both sides of a profile.


silicone custom imprint with logo

“As a 95-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company, we have consistently delivered quality and innovative products to our customers,” said Bonnie Spencer Swayze, president of the parent company, Alliance Rubber. “We are proud to offer another new product for use in food processing, to meet military standards, the  specifications required by manufacturing companies or the many other industries that call for the attributes of silicone profiles.”

ARCO® Silicone is a division of Alliance Rubber, one of the world’s largest rubber band manufacturers. The company is based in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The family-owned small business has been producing custom extruded products since 1923.

“We are always looking for new challenges to address and look forward to learning more ways we can adapt our skills to working with silicone,” Joan Dennis, Marketing Manager of ARCO®, said.