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Silicone Anchor Bands are proving to be most useful in the agricultural and electrical industries. More specifically these bands are being used in vineyards to secure the vines gently and effectively. The bands are non-damaging to plants and ensure better yields. The bands are UV resistant and formulated to sustain heat and UV rays from the sunlight.  

Our Agricultural clients love these bands for a number of reasons. First, they prefer to use silicone anchor bands largely because they reduce the amount (and overall cost) of labor involved. They are finding benefits from the ease in application. They do not require adjusting or retying as the bands “grow” with the plant.  Secondly, the bands are generally applied while (or after) the plants are being pruned further reducing the touch-points involved. 

Best of all, they’re completely reusable from one season to the next!


While silicone anchor bands are popular in the Agricultural industry, these bands are trending among a number of other markets as well. 

Bundle cables or tubes for quick release and re-use

Secure covers or papers to goods for quick and easy release


The Silicone Anchor Band is more than just a band. Not only does it carry all of the benefits characteristic of silicone, but it’s unique design makes it the band with so much more!

UV safe – no degrading with outdoor use
Made in the USA using only the highest-quality materials
Can withstand extreme hot / cold temperatures
Custom colors available when color-coding is necessary
Unique 2 part design with more durable anchor section
Our silicone anchor bands come as a 2-part item for quick and easy assembly in a range of sizes.  If you need a bigger band, change it for another size and keep the anchor!

These silicone anchor bands can be produced in multiple sizes, cut to required specifications and packaged in bulk.  We offer low minimums and fast turnarounds, and as always our products are manufactured right here in the USA.

FDA Compliant UV Resistant Silicone Anchor Bands

Food grade silicone, available in a variety of durometers, colors, and translucency.

Can be produced in various durometers, cut to order, and packaged in bulk.