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high temperature rubber cord stock
High-Temperature Rubber Cord Stock
Metal Detectable FDA silicone cord stock
Metal-Detectable Food-Grade (FDA) Silicone Cord Stock
Square Profile Silicone Rubber Cord Stock
Square Profile Silicone Rubber Cord Stock
EPDM rubber cord stock
Weather-Resistant EPDM Rubber

Rubber Cord Stock

ARCO Silicone offers silicone rubber cord stock that resists UV light, chemicals, mild oils, and water, and tolerates high and low temperatures. Our silicone rubber cord stock is crafted with precision and care to provide outstanding temperature resistance, flexibility, and resilience. Whether you need silicone cords for extreme heat or cold applications, weather-resistant EPDM, or metal-detectable food-Grade (FDA) silicone cord stock, our diverse selection of sizes and grades ensures you find the perfect solution.

High-Temperature Food Grade (FDA) Silicone Cord

Color: Red Oxide
Temperature Range: -80˚ F to 450˚ F

Looking for high-quality silicone rubber cord stock? Look no further than our premium O-ring cord stock which is specifically designed to provide exceptional sealing performance and durability. Whether you require a standard size or a custom solution, our extensive range of O-ring cord stock options ensures a perfect fit for your applications. Trust us for reliable, precision-engineered rubber cords that deliver unmatched performance. Use high-temperature silicone O-ring cord stock for:

  • high-temperature applications up to 450˚ F
  • static and dynamic sealing applications
  • food, beverage, and other industrial processing application
Cross SectionDurometerShapeMOQ (ft.)FPP*
1/8 in : 0.125 in70ARound        12,720159.0
1/8 in : 0.139 in70ARound        10,240128.0
3/16 in : 0.187 in70ARound          5,68071.0
3/16 in : 0.21 in70ARound          4,48056.0
1/4 in : 0.25 in70ARound          3,12039.0
1/4 in : 0.275 in70ARound          2,56032.0
5/16 in : 0.312 in70ARound          2,00025.0
3/8 in : 0.375 in70ARound          1,36017.0
7/16 in : 0.437 in70ARound          1,04013.0
1/2 in : 0.5 in70ARound             7209.0
5/8 in : 0.625 in70ARound             5046.3
3/4 in : 0.75 in70ARound             3204.0
13/16 in : 0.812 in70ARound             2963.7
7/8 in : 0.875 in70ARound             2403.0
Metric Sizes
3.5 mm70ARound        10,400130.0
4 mm70ARound          8,000100.0
4.5 mm70ARound          6,32079.0
5 mm70ARound          5,12064.0
5.5 mm70ARound          4,16052.0
5.8 mm70ARound          3,76047.0
6 mm70ARound          3,52044.0
8 mm70ARound          2,00025.0

Square Profile Silicone Cord Stock

Color: Red Oxide
Temperature Range: -40˚ F to 400˚ F

Square profile silicone cord stock requires less compression to make an effective seal and will not roll or twist in moving applications. It has flat edges on all four sides, which performs better than round profiles in static applications.Our silicone cord stock is made of FDA-compliant