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ARCO® Understands Customer Requirements for Recipe Development

ARCO® has silicone technical specialists and field service representatives who listen to what customers need.  Because of silicone’s flexible chemical structure; ability to restore its original size and shape after being stretched, compressed, and twisted in demanding applications; our chemists can modify and improve its properties and enhance its performance to meet an array of functions in thousands of applications, in nearly any industry around the world.  

Using our Request For Quote process, we collaborate with customers to determine whether they need us to develop a custom formulation, use one of our existing formulas, or use their recipe for mixing.

We gather information that helps deliver the right silicone solutions, such as:

  • Specification / Physical Requirements
  • Customer Process for Curing
  • Physical Forms of Compounded Product
  • Application

ARCO® then uses this information to modify the chemical structure of silicone rubber to achieve the exact properties needed for the application.

From a Recent Customer:

“In the Spring of 2021, during the peak of Pandemic impact and concern, our company found itself needing a new supplier for custom injection-molded silicone components.
Our former supplier was located overseas and was simply not able to meet our needs due to delayed communications, pandemic restrictions, and sudden quality issues.

We were fortunate to find ARCO during our search for a supplier within the United States for custom, medical-grade, injection-molded silicone components.
From the start of our communications, it was clear that the ARCO team was responsive, knowledgeable, service-oriented, and eager to earn our business.

In less than 2 months, our company was able to have a custom tool manufactured, completed chemical compatibility trials with the silicone compound, and received estimated dates for the completion of a three-lot validation. During this time, we worked closely to address questions and communicated via recurring meetings.

During our validation process, we encountered some minor issues that needed to be resolved, and this is when the amazing dedication and service-oriented attributes of ARCO became clear.

The ARCO team had one of their senior engineers assist with diagnosing and correcting the identified issues. We were very fortunate for the expertise of ARCO personnel, and specifically the engineers during this time, as it allowed us to complete our validations in a short timeframe. Our team is VERY thankful for the level of service demonstrated by the ARCO Silicone team, as they helped us overcome a significant shortage issue that left a number of our customers in backorder status for extended periods of 2021.

We appreciate the support from the ARCO Silicone team, and want to say, Thank You! We know where to turn for our future needs of injection molded silicone components.”