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Silicone Foam Tape Roll
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Resist Penetration of Wind-Driven Rain
Silicone Foam Tape
Silicone Foam Tape can be used in many different areas to reduce vibration as well as provide a seal against dirt and moisture.


This tape is engineered to be a highly versatile, easy-to-apply solution for use in situations where long term performance is paramount. It offers a superior service life, excellent conformability, and flexibility. It provides a low compression set and high adhesion to a variety of substrates. 

Silicone Foam is manufactured from platinum cured, liquid silicone rubber which is resistant to UV light, ozone, and extreme temperatures.  The silicone remains flexible and resilient in just about any environment. This self-adhering tape is great for gasketing, cushioning, thermal insulation, and vibration dampening. When used as a seal, moisture and dirt are kept outside and away from delicate electronics or items which would be otherwise damaged by the elements. 


  • Serves Extreme Conditions: | -100˚F to +500˚F | Ozone | Corona | UV Resistant | High Humidity
  • 12 Month Shelf Life (when stored at room temperature)


  • Seal and Protect Electronics
  • Provide Cushion Against Vibration
  • Resist Penetration of Wind-Driven Rain
  • Provide Thermal Insulation


  • Automobile Manufacturers
  • Marine Manufacturers
  • Home Builders
  • Window Manufacturers

Silicone Foam Tape

Platinum cured, liquid silicone rubber 

Packaged in bulk