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Metal fillers are placed in the compound prior to extrusion
Metal Detectable Silicone
Cleaning and sterilization over time causes elastomers to degrade
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Available in a variety of custom profiles for food processing


There is a major concern in the food and beverage industry of by-products found in the processing equipment contaminating the process line. For example, rubber sealing, over time, cannot withstand the harsh cleaning and sterilization methods which are necessary. If these particles are then transferred to products that are intended for consumption, it could result in serious health complications. This is why the FDA has tightened the restriction on rubber and silicone being used in such facilities.

Metal Detectable Silicone is used in conjunction with detection equipment to identify any possible contamination. These products are designed to work with Inline X-Ray detection, metal detection, and magnetic separator equipment for immediate contamination alert. This makes it the perfect solution for detecting eroding particles from deteriorating seals and any other components where an elastomer is used in the process line.

This product contains only ingredients that are listed by the American Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) under the 21 CFR number 177-2600.

This product contains only ingredients that are listed by the American Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) under 21 CFR. 

In the event of eroding particles from a silicone seal entering the process line, these particles will be safely identified. The production can then be quickly stopped allowing the contaminated products to be removed. 

Metal Detectable Seals
Joints & Strips Used in Sensitive Food, Drink, and Pharmaceutical Applications

Metal Detectable Silicone products can be produced in multiple shapes and sizes, cut to required specifications and packaged in bulk.  We offer low minimums and fast turnarounds, and as always our products are manufactured right here in the USA.


PLEASE NOTE:  ARCO recommends all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability and detection levels as this will vary in individual environments. Information is supplied in good faith and without warranty. ARCO products are not suitable for use in a microwave.

FDA Compliant Metal Detectable Silicone

Food-grade silicone with metal fillers is available in a variety of durometers. Color options include blue or black only. 

Can be produced in various durometers, cut to order, and packaged in bulk.