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Information We Might Need:

It’s always helpful for us to know as much as possible about the application of the product you need. The details involving the application will be the key to narrowing down the perfect customized silicone compound, or if a standard silicone would be able to suit your needs. 

Please see the following list of questions that we may ask during the process. You’re welcome to send as much or as little of this information in the RFQ Form located on the right.

  1.  What are the basic required dimensions of the finished product?
    Tubing with inner diameter, outer diameter and length. 
    Cording with cut diameter and length.

    Bands with inner and outer diameter and cut width.
  2. What is the expected color, if any?
    General color such as red, blue, or green.
    Specific PMS color such as Pantone 1300340
  3. Is there a specific cross-sectional profile required?
    Cross-sectional profiles might resemble letters such as “P”, “D”, “O”, etc.
    Other characteristics such as finned extensions.
  1. What physical attributes need to be built into the finished product?
    Solid Silicone
    Sponge Silicone with open or closed cell
  2. What is the Shore durometer (hardness) required?
    65 Shore A durometer, or possibly, a softer 50 Shore A durometer.
  3. What is the specific elongation required?
    Must stretch to 800% the original size without breaking.
    Must break when stretched to 400% its original size.
  4. What is the ultimate tensile strength required?
    Must be able to withstand a specific amount of force when stretched without breaking, or vice versa.
  5. Does the product need to withstand a specific temperature range, and if so, how long must it withstand this temperature?
    Must be able to withstand 500˚F for five hours or longer.
  6. Is there a Specific Gravity Range requirement?
    A specific number to determine the density of the product and the resulting count per pound.
  7. Does the product require a specific tear strength?
    Bands that need to hold up against a significant amount of twisting and pulling without tearing.
  8. Are there any mandated compliances that the finished product will need to meet?
    FDA Compliant for direct food contact
  9. What are any other specific tolerances (not mentioned above) that must be considered in the dimensions or properties of the finished product?
    A silicone band that looks beautiful and would work great for securing ponytails or braids. 

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