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Silicone Cord

We manufacture custom silicone cord in the USA for a wide variety of applications. From complex cross-sections to the most simple profiles.

Silicone is a high-performance material used in various heavy machinery applications. Our silicone cord is the perfect product for use in extreme environments because it is less prone to erosion from abrasive particles. In addition, it provides protection against airborne particles such as ocean fog or salt spray, owing to a high water resistance property.

Whether you need silicone cord for harsh environments, high-temperature sealing, door and enclosure seals, packaging, food processing machinery, or high-voltage insulation – we can help. 

Silicone rubber can handle extreme temperatures (-40˚C to +200˚C). That is why it is the choice of engineers and is vital to many industrial operations. In addition to being able to withstand harsh environments, it is an FDA-approved material. With its high purity, it is commonly used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing applications. 

While silicone cord stock resists UV light, chemicals, mild oils, and water, and tolerates high and low temperatures, there are many additional characteristics that can be achieved with custom silicone compounds such as: