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Silicone for Health & Wellness Projects

We partnered with The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock for a very special project to benefit children on the autism spectrum across Arkansas.

The Museum of Discovery in Little Rock recently partnered with Arkansas Blue Cross / Blue Shield’s “Blue and You” program to develop activities for children with autism. Their goal is to get those children with special sensory sensitivities outdoors and having fun in a hands-on playground setting.

This special exhibit will be traveling state-wide and provided ARCO® Silicone the opportunity to show off our wide range of silicone extrusion capabilities. 

It was important for these silicone rods to remain a consistent diameter throughout the different color compound changes, so that they could fit into specific holes cut into a life-size wall. Museum of Discovery provided a template with pre-cut holes matching those that will be in the final playground display so that each batch could be tested for quality and consistency. Our “famous” robotic arm even made an appearance – cutting the extruded cords to length.

“Our ‘famous’ robotic arm even made an appearance – cutting the extruded cords to length.”

Ms. Pody Gay, a representative from The Museum of Discovery was present during the process and was extremely pleased with the results! She said that silicone was a great fit for this project because of its smooth texture and ability to withstand handling day-in and day-out without losing such an important quality.

What a sight it was to see all of these brightly colored silicone rods bundled and ready to go! They certainly brought a smile to all of us and we can’t wait to see the wonderful designs that kids across Arkansas will create using our very own silicone product!

After the display has made its way across Arkansas, we plan to update with more photos, so check back again! 

Do you have a very special Health & Wellness project that requires the attributes that only silicone extrusion can offer? We would love to partner with you on your next project – give us a call!

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