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We Provide Custom Silicone Products.

As a custom silicone manufacturer with 99 years experience, ARCO® Silicone provides custom products – Made in the USA.  This list generally includes products such as simple silicone cords to complex cross-sectional profiles. No matter what type of silicone (or other polymer) part you’re looking for, our engineers will work with you to determine the best compound and manufacturing method.

Customizable to meet just about any need.

Accordingly, we specialize in producing large and small batches using application-specific compounds.  Above all, we develop unique formulations with the durometer, color, and performance characteristics relevant to the end use of the product. 

Furthermore, we can also imprint product information, logos, or graphics on one or both side of your silicone product. We even offer PMS color match and packaging solutions. 

custom silicone extrusion

ARCO® Silicone may seem like the new kid on the block, but we're not.

We are a division of Alliance Rubber Company with eminently qualified personnel. Each member of our team possesses skills and imaginative talents built on over 99 years of rubber compounding and extrusion. For that reason, custom Silicone Manufacturing is simply the best next step for us to make in expanding our growth potential to other elastomers. Incidentally, it also provides us with the means to offer the highest consistent quality and competitive pricing for custom profiles designed to meet your specific needs.  

Most importantly, whether you need a specific  physical design or capability, we can meet your usage needs in custom silicone bands, cording, and tubing (open or closed cell foam tubing or solid tubing) including the durometer, color, dimensions, and performance characteristics you specify.

Specifically, we produce custom products that offer wide environmental temperature ranges, UV, Ozone, Chemical and Oil resistance, and fire-retardant features. Also, we have the ability to meet FDA specifications set for direct food contact packaging.

Furthermore, in addition to custom profiles, we offer printing capabilities. Therefore, we can imprint product information, logos or graphics on one or both sides of a product.

ARCO Silicone can create products suitable for just about any industry. Our manufacturing processes meet many standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ASTM, ITAR, Buy American Act, WOSB, and MIL-STD-105e.

“As a 99-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company, we have consistently delivered quality and innovative products to our customers,” said Bonnie Spencer Swayze, president of Alliance Rubber Company. “We are proud to have created this new division that represents another step forward to offer new products for use in food processing, to meet military standards, and address the specifications required by manufacturing companies or the many other industries that call for the attributes of silicone profiles.”

As a 99-year-old, family-owned manufacturing company, we have consistently delivered quality and innovative products to our customers.

bonnie spencer swayze, president

Feel free to contact us about any of your silicone needs.